About Us

Damelin Online, a brand of UNi4 Online (PTY) LTD, partners with Damelin (PTY) LTD, to curate and deliver superior-quality online short learning and accredited full-time programmes. By harnessing technology, data and people, we are able to deliver and equip our students with the skills and knowledge to commence and excel in their careers.


Damelin Online is founded by a small startup company, emotion studios, launching five legacy online short courses.


Damelin Online acquires an internationally recognised academic partner, Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), offering specialised certified digital marketing programmes. Damelin Online is one of the first service providers to partner with Digital Marketing Institute in Africa.


Damelin Online invests in an in-house team, curating and developing more than 50+ online short courses, including Damelin accredited full qualifications online.


This is a significant year for Damelin Online. Damelin Online becomes a brand powered by UNi4 Online, focusing on delivering relevant in-demand skills training and online programmes that enable proficient students to enter the marketplace and upskill in their current professions and to be valuable contributors and assets in the African economy.


Damelin Online is committed to delivering online education and training to 50,000 working professionals across Africa by 2025.