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One of the biggest complexities of life remains in resolving an important question that relates to one’s personal and professional life: When is enough really enough? As life unfolds, bringing with it new experiences and challenges as we age, we are finding that most people struggle to cope with the various demands being placed on them from both a personal and professional perspective thus impacting the different areas of one’s life, often resulting in unhappiness, burnout, depression, anxiety and major health issues.

Although we are unable to control the external environment that presents itself in the form of these demands, circumstances of situations, we are in a position to have control over the impact that places on us and what we choose to focus our time and attention on instead of choosing to remain stuck and not take responsibility for what we can control – such as our responses, attitudes and feelings. We are constantly growing, as part of a fast-changing world, immersed in new experiences and new responsibilities that bring with it consistent pressure and stress. How we process and respond to this is completely our choice influencing how we feel and behave.

This course has been designed for today’s employee or individual who is juggling numerous priorities and worries and offers a realistic checkpoint for where you are in your life in terms of your well-being and what you can do to achieve overall well-being by taking charge of your life, learning to see yourself in a holistic way and extending compassion and care towards yourself. By enhancing your own wellness, you will feel more balanced and achieve heightened productivity in both your personal and professional life. The cornerstone of well-being is that you are responsible for yourself and in being responsible for yourself, you will be in a position to influence your outcomes, satisfaction levels and happiness.


It is a given that organisations are transforming at a rapid pace – from technological advancement, the changing workforce to unpredictable economic challenges, which is creating enormous pressure within the working environment impacting employees emotionally and potentially physically. Today’s work environment is evolving with organisations thinking differently about their workforce and adopting new HR approaches to keep up with the pace of advancement. As organisations adapt the way they work, it is paramount that they adapt the way they think about their wellness programmes.

Employee well-being is fundamentally important as it will enable workforces to withstand the dramatic changes in working environments. Holistic wellness is becoming the norm and the cornerstone of modern well-being and the idea is to shift thinking to meet the changing needs of the organisation and workforce. In return, this will offer a wide range of opportunities to stimulate greater employee engagement which should be based on a thorough understanding of the organisational and employee needs. We can achieve this by creating new innovations in employee well-being that will ensure greater employee engagement and productivity.

This course focuses on providing insight into implementing, maintaining and sustaining employee wellness within your organisation. The purpose of this course is to ensure a shared understanding of what employee wellness is, how to manage and drive it within an organisational environment.

Subject Expert

Dr Alexia Cox, Dean of Teaching and Learning for Educor Holdings, is a highly experienced and dedicated learning professional with a successful track record in preparing students and employees for the future world of work. She has experience in both in-house and consultancy for a range of SMEs, PLCs, business schools and learning institutions. She operates at senior level, innovating change and supporting transformative pedagogy and learning and development (L&D) strategies, and focuses on keeping the organisation in mind and continually aligning learning needs to the overall strategy, then streamlining to make it cost effective and easy to use for the learners.

She has a transdisciplinary PhD in the fields of Human Resource Management and English literature and has worked in the Human Resource field for over 10 years. Her international HR experience, across Europe, Asia Pacific, and South Africa and across industries, has provided her with the insight and knowledge to develop courses that support the development of HR professionals locally and internationally.

Dr Alexia Cox is continuously upskilling herself to ensure she can provide her students with the most relevant and up-to-date trends in the HR domain.

Tutor Support

Each course is assigned its own Online Academic Tutor, who is ready and waiting to guide and assist their learners throughout their learning experience.

The Online Academic Tutor, who is assigned to your course, is trained to build each student up to reach their fullest potential. Students can expect their Online Academic Tutor to answer questions, offer advice and provide further clarification on any academic aspects.

Course and Technical Requirements

To successfully access and complete this course, you will be required to have a registered email account, access to a computer/laptop/tablet and stable internet connection. You will be required to be familiar with using a computer as you may need to be able to read and download documents in Adobe PDF Reader, view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and read and create documents in Microsoft Word.

Our online short learning programmes may require additional software applications. These additional software application requirements will be communicated to you in this information pack and/or on the website course page. Damelin Online does not provide any additional software applications required for online short learning programmes.

Please note: Google, YouTube and Vimeo may be used in our online course delivery. If any of these services are blocked in your jurisdiction, you may have difficulty in accessing our course content.

How You Will Learn

Our online short learning programmes are broken into self-paced manageable modules, designed to assist you throughout your learning process through diverse learning activities:

  • Learn through all your interactive course notes
  • Review case studies and supplementary resources
  • Apply and evaluate what you have learned in each module with the self-grading quizzes and assignment submissions
  • View a range of course video lectures presented by our Subject Matter Experts
  • Network, collaborate and interact with your fellow participants and Online Course Facilitator via the discussion forum and Zoom webinars


Upon successful completion of this online short learning programme, you will receive the recognition of your knowledge and skills with a Damelin Certificate of Competence. Your certificate of competence will be issued in your registered name and will be couriered at no additional cost.

You will be required to complete a series of assessments that will be facilitated through our virtual learning environment. Your course handbook will be made available to you once you have commenced with your short learning programme.


  • MODULE 0
    Orientation Module
  • MODULE 1
    Employee Wellness – A Business Perspective
  • MODULE 2
    Employee Wellness – The What and Why!
  • MODULE 3
    The Manager Behind Employee Wellness
  • MODULE 4
    On the Road to Wellness – The Toolkit
  • MODULE 5
    Improving the Employee Experience
  • MODULE 6

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